Hi, I am Pawan Kumar . 

 Well to be more frank, all training center say they provide live project training, practical project based training

but these all are saying only. But our training method quite different than others. 

From beginning we provide training in a advance project mainly shopping cart project. 

In this we teach to develop lots of front end, backend modules/features etc. 

That definitely requires for your future/career . 

We have 100% placement record.  

Our students easily get placement because we teach practical things that apply in project. 

You need job, job need practical skills that we provide. 

So if you completing training from here, there no any tough task to get a job  

call me @ +91 99999 680 96 or email me at webmaster.delhi1@gmail.com

I am Pawan Kumar a Freelancer and Trainer
+91 99999 680 96
Welcome to my small profile page
I have 6 years working experience in PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, Photoshop,HTML,CSS. Also working in technologies like Magento, Jquery, Ajax, HTML 5, CSS3 etc.
I have my proven quality records in Web Development and Training.
I have completed more than 200 of web projects and trained more than 1000 of trainee .

  Classroom /Online Training

I have Providing training from last 6 years. Trained more than 1000s of students . Our syllabus are practical and based on current industry requirements .So that trainee can easily get job or start any project .
Well, I know everyone say "I am the best"
But i believe in work, So listed all our trainee
contact details for any kind of feedback & portfolio.
visit : http://unitedwebsoft.in/students.php
what you expect from me ?
  • Advance level project based training not just basics/academic like others provide.
  • I am a Web designer cum developer, So you can ask any web related queries. I have completed more than 200s web project .Also worked on lots of government web projects as a freelancer.
  • I also provide class recorded video for easy practice at home. check here http://unitedwebsoft.in/video-tutorials
  • 100% Placement record only because of quality training that company requires
  • Free 3 demo class in different courses in any of our running batch .
  • After successfully completion of course ,Students may face some problem while working on any project, So in this case if any support needed ,we provide it on phone or email.If any major issue. can visit.

  Corporate Training

Well, I also provide corporate training in companies. Recently provided corporate Training photos.


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Build your career in PHP, Web Development

PHP Training in Delhi ,Drupal ,Wordpress ,Magento, Laravel courses institute in Delhi/NCR

Hi, I am Pawan Kumar Shah Trainer , Freelancer & Developer at www.unitedwebsoft.in , www.w3-learn.com. Well, Web Development is rapidly growing fields in current markets as everyone needs their business to be online ,so that anyone can simply access this globally. So,you also must know the scope of web development . Let me clear the courses comes under web development. traditionally web development has mainly HTML/CSS, PHP and javaScript but now or day it is not enough .The days passes ,new technology arrive for fast,effective and smart work, So nowadays you need to have i) HTML/CSS ii) PHP iii) DRUPAL iv) Wordpress v) Jquery/ajax . here you see 2 things i.es Drupal & Wordpress. these are called PHP CMS and they are using globally .

Currently 95% companies develop there client's projects in CMS. Some of Major advantage of using CMS are i) Rapid development ii) Security enabled iii) SEO friendly
iv) Flexibility/
So for current market requirements you need to do these courses HTML/CSS, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress , Jquery/Ajax.

Well nowadays there are lots of institute for providing professional courses of PHP, Drupal , Wordpress. But unfortunately 90% are a fake ,so it is hard to find a good place to really learn these courses.

If you are a fresher candidate just completed your college , you can join in any branded ,fully furnished infra-structured institutes without knowing whether they provide quality industrial training or not. But if you are already in this field you know that lots of institutes only provides basic ,academic parts but not cover any project work, industrial work. So after training ,there rarely chance to get jobs with this skill.we know all institute say that they are best training centers. but it's all the tricks for getting admissions only. After got admission they treat like burden ,and just trying to finish the course rapidly without proper training. They only cover the basics of the course but not any advance level. So how could you get jobs on this kind of skill. Then again you will be searching any other training center.

Even lots of institutes provides these all courses in less amount ,they write something likes "Advance PHP, Drupal, Wordpress training only @ Rs. 7000/- .So, students attract because of less fees with all courses, but after taking training they come to know that they only cover overview or introduction but not deeply any project work. So then after it is very tough to get jobs with this kind of knowledge in current competitive markets So Thinks twice before joining any institute.

We have build our different image compared to other institute , branded training center. There Brand comes from only advertisement not from teaching quality . If you ask those students who have completed their training from these institutes , you will come to know that how they have poor quality in teaching,course completion etc. Now or days all training center commit to provide professional training on live projects, but 90% are fakes so it is extremely a tough for any students to believe for one. We do not want to write these kind of sentences that already lost actually meaning in crowds . We follow a famous proverb "Don't talk by your mouth, talk by your work". So, we proudly listed all our current & past TRAINEE with all their contact no. and details. Even you can inquiry to them about us . & PROJECTS You might thinking about the course duration and fees.Well for Complete Web Development(HTML/CSS, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress,Jquer,Ajax ) fees exactly only Rs. 16,600/- and duration approx 3 month. if someone need to do any one or two courses check following fees with course content :

Web Development ( Advance PHP ) Course Package Details
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
php course Core PHP , Mysql 4 weeks Rs. 7500 php training institute
wordpress classes Wordpress / Drupal / Magento ( Any one CMS ) 3 weeks Rs. 5000 wordpress institute in delhi
Jquery,Ajax course in Delhi Jquery,Ajajx 2 weeks Rs. 3000 Jquery training delhi
HTML5,CSS3 training in Delhi HTML,CSS 2 weeks Rs. 3000 HTML5 and CSS3 training in delhi
complete web development package with 10% discount and free HTML/CSS included

PHP+WORDPRESS +Jquery (10 % discount )+
= Rs. 14,000/-

Duration: 2.5 month .
Fees payment mode You can pay in 3 mode . Pay fee listed above of independent course that you want to start .

Below describes our course fee installment mode ,

If you start from HTML, just pay Rs.3000 ( for HTML course ) -> next mode Rs. 7500 ( when starts PHP,Mysql course) then finall installment Rs.3500 ( when any other course start )

If you start from PHP,Mysql course, just pay Rs.7500 ( for PHP,Mysql course ) -> next mode Rs. 5000 ( when starts any CMS course ) then final  installment Rs.1500 ( when any other course start )

Here final 3rd installment deducted from total fees of Rs. 14,000/-

Also note if student leave without finishing all course , that won't be considered in this discounted package course . Means all course fee will be considered there independent fee that listed above .

Web Designing Course Package Details
( fees listed for individual course, if doing more than any 2 courses , there will be 10% discount on total)
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
photoshop  course Photoshop 2 weeks Rs. 3000 php training institute
( Focused on PSD to HTML Template )
2 weeks Rs. 3000 wordpress institute in delhi
HTML 5, CSS 3  classes HTML5 , CSS3
( Included Responsive meadia queries )
2 weeks Rs. 4000 wordpress institute in delhi
Bootstrap Training classes Bootstrap 1 weeks Rs. 2000 Bootstrap institute in delhi
Jquery,Ajax course in Delhi Jquery,Ajajx 2 weeks Rs. 3000 Jquery training delhi
complete web designing course package with 20% discount

= Rs. 12,000/-

Duration: 2.5 month.
Fees can pay in 2 installment each month Rs. 6000 )
SEO Course
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
php course SEO 3 weeks Rs. 7000 seo training institute
Other Courses we provide
( fees listed for individual course, if doing more than any 2 courses , there will be 10% discount on total)
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
php course Magento 3 weeks Rs. 5000 php training institute
drupal coaching Drupal 3 weeks Rs. 5000 drupal syllabus
wordpress classes HTML5/CSS3
( Included Responsive meadi queries )
3 weeks Rs. 4000 HTML5 training institute in delhi
Jquery,Ajax course in Delhi Bootstrap 4 class Rs. 2000 Bootstrap training delhi
PHP MVC Framework
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
php course Laravel Framework 13 class (1 hour per class) Rs. 6500 Laravel PHP Framework training institute
Mobile App Development Course
  Course Duration Fees Course Content
php course Mobile App Development using PhoneGap 4 weeks Rs. 7500 Mobile App Development using PhoneGap
How we are different from others ?
Learn PHP @ Free !!!  How? 

Talking about our Training Method : Without basic things nobody can directly jump into higher level or in project training .In PHP on starting 30% of classes we cover all basics then start advance in module wise work like login panel, newsletter sending management, email imports, pagination, lightbox photo gallery, captcha ,pagination ,multi-level category management, textarea editor and many more systems , then after we start working on project mainly shopping cart / e-commerce site.

we use to provide training with lots of online examples of usage possibility .So students prepared for live project work.

Let us talk about the duration : Well it is not necessary to forcefully complete courses within the duration .In our training class we provide assignment for next class and only after successfully done assignment we provide next class otherwise there won't be next class and the same class will repeat. In this way it also depends upon students that when he/she will complete the course.
Material : For better practice we provide video tutorial ,Daily note files with class work
After Training Completion : Company prefer to hire some experience candidate so they do the work with more speed and less errors .So company ask if any experience or any online projects previously done. So we use to provide 2/2 online projects of each course with 3 month experience working on our company UnitedWebSoft Technologies ,So students can mention these in there resume to have more confident in interview
Support Anytime : After successfully completion of course ,Students may face some problem while working on any project, So in this case if any support needed ,we provide it on phone or email.If any major issue. can visit.
Wordpress training in Delhi
Admission Going On !

For enquiry and enrolment please contact our front office:

+91 99999 680 96

PHP, Mysql @ Rs.7,500/-

e-commerce project based training in OOPS

If you are looking to learn deeply PHP with a shopping cart/e-commerce project in OOPS

Call now +91 99999 680 96
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Online Php, Drupal,Wordpress Training also available

We at WWW.UNITEDDWEBSOFT.IN Providing Professional training on courses PHP,Drupal,Wordpress.We provide summer,industrial training for B.E,B.Tech,BCA,MCA students. We are also providing coaching in .Net, Java, Android application development, E-commerce development, PayPal, Payment gateway integration.
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PHP, Drupal, wordpress, joomla training
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