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Configure SSH on cpanel and connect via putty to execute Magento command line on live server

When our Magento 2 on live server and we require to enable disable modules, flush cache , deploy static files etc ,we need to configure SSH . Below tutorials guide you how to setup SSH and connect

Magento 2 Create Product Attributes

Attributes are most important part of your catalog, suppose you want to sell t-shirts from your eCommerce website but at same time you also want them to allow choose it’s color, size etc. These are called attributes

Some Magento Useful command

Magento 2 introduced some useful commands. Using these command we can easily flush cache, re-index data ,enable/disable modules and lots more . Below listed some useful commands for magento 2 version . Before using this command you

How to show a block on the frontend home page only inside Magento 2 version

For block deceleration inside latest magento 2 version, we need a block layout file . The naming of the file is important as this is the new way of using layout handles. ex cms_index_index.xml . This will

Complete Magento2 Theme Development ( HTML to Magento2 Theme )

Magento 2.0 Has a different theme structure than Magento 1.x. Like Magento Module ,Magento 2.0 it must have a Namespace/Vendor name to create a theme. You can also download this magento 2 theme for learning purpose from