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Restore MySQL Database from SQL File using PHP

Generally we use PHPmyadmin to restore our database . Suppose in some cases if you don’t have access to your live server’s cpanel , PHPmyadmin . Now, you will learn to know that how to restore MySQL

Creating Price Range Slider using jQuery in PHP with MySQL

In this tutorials we will create Jquery Ajax price range slider with PHP,Mysql .This is very useful for user that allow to filter data/items based on rang slider drag rather than typing price . Nowadays , this

How to Access Website without Domain Name Assigned

Usually most of us need to transfer a running website from one server to another server . During transfer we have to check whether the website is working on new server or not before updating DNS .

Send Email via SMTP Server in PHP using PHPMailer

Any web application may need send email through it’s script. In PHP, we use mail() function to send from web server .However sometimes it may cause delivery issue. Means when we send email from php using just

Create Dynamic Pie Chart in PHP with Google Charts

A pie chart displays data, information, and statistics in an easy-to-read ‘pie-slice’ format with varying slice sizes .The main use of a pie chart is to show comparison. When items are presented on a pie chart, you

Using PHP Display Facebook Albums and Photos on the Website

Facebook provide a well known API i.e graph API that previously called Social Graph API . It allow us to embed facebook album to our own website . Using this Graph API and PHP you can easily

Connect and Handle Files in FTP Server using PHP

It is important for any web developers for upload files to server using FTP. We know there are plenty of FTP clients available in market like filezilla, cute ftp etc . PHP also provide lots of functions

Creating dynamic Photo Gallery with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

Photo Galley is a most used section in any website . We can use photo gallery to display portfolio images , event’s photos, client’s logo etc . Today we will creating a dynamic photo gallery using Jquery

Some cases where PHP short tags should be avoided

Most of the time when creating email template in PHP , we may need to separate some files and include these . But including these files with shorthand cause some display problem . <?=include('includes/header.php');?> Well, short tags

PHP ,Mysql Pagination with jQuery Ajax

Pagination is very important part in any web project .Because all large records of items can’t load in a single page . We require pagination to show these items in multiple pages . Well Jquery,Ajax pagination enhance