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WordPress Plugin to create custom role and capability ,grant access to only our custom admin menu

WordPress Plugin to create custom role and capability ,add capability to our role and grant access to only our custom admin menu <?php /** * @package Custom Role & Capability */ /* Plugin Name: Custom Role &

WordPress use built in date picker in any textfield

To add Jquery DatePicker in any textfield ,add following php code to to top of the page . <?php wp_enqueue_script('jquery-ui-datepicker'); wp_enqueue_style('jquery-style', 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.2/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css'); ?> Input field looks like below <input type="text" id="dob" name="dob" value=""/> Finally put below js

WordPress show custom field image in thumbnail or custom size

When we use custom image field in custom post type, we need to show these images in custom size like thumbnail,medium or any size inside wp loop. Find below code ,you can use this code inside wp

How to use ajax in WordpRess Theme or Plugin

Well, sometimes we need to implement ajax functionality to our WordPress theme or plugins.Find below a tutorial written for this purpose Step:1 For example to use ajax, I have create a page in theme that show unapproved

Increase PHP max execution time in local server (XAMPP)

Sometime we see error like ‘Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded …’ This has some reasons like – PHP taking too much time to respond to the browser – Your desktop/laptop is slow mainly

WordPress custom post type add form in frontend for users

WordPress have nice features of custom post type. Sometimes we requires to make a form in frontend site where users can insert post . example in news/article site there should be a page where a user can

Hire Developer for PHP, Drupal or WordPress Development

Online PHP, drupal, WordPress Support for Web Developers Effectively, If it is advisable to create powerful website with PHP, Drupal as well as WordPress however new with this technology, not a problem. We are generally here to

WordPress Widget Development from scratch

Today I am about to describe every one of the process, capabilities, hooks to construct a widget inside wordpress. We are able to create widget in wordpress primarily in two ways. create like a plugin inside wp-content/plugins/

Moving WordPress site from Localhost to Live Server

After making a site throughout local server just like xampp or wampp, we require to move it to live server. Following write-up will make suggestions all the required process for going wordpress internet site from local server

How To hide ‘Howdy’ message from admin dashboard ?

Wordpress has a great deal of hooks in addition to function to help customize most section in site. In case you are wordpress user, you have experienced a message ‘howdy’ in admin leading right side area, in