Hi, I am Pawan Kumar . 

 Well to be more frank, all training center say they provide live project training, practical project based training

but these all are saying only. But our training method quite different than others. 

From beginning we provide training in a advance project mainly shopping cart project. 

In this we teach to develop lots of front end, backend modules/features etc. 

That definitely requires for your future/career . 

We have 100% placement record.  

Our students easily get placement because we teach practical things that apply in project. 

You need job, job need practical skills that we provide. 

So if you completing training from here, there no any tough task to get a job  

call me @ +91 99999 680 96 or email me at webmaster.delhi1@gmail.com

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We have completed our Joomla & Wordpress in 1 month with 2 live projects. Now,urrently doing job in Delhi.
I have done CSS,Drupal from basic to advance.now i am very familier with Drupal CMS.
well, Drupal and PHP are no longer tough when i joined Mr. Pawan training.Now i have been developing my client's projects.
For drupal it took arround a month to cover all parts in it.Now i am doing job in Drupal.
We have done HTML/CSS, PHP, Joomla in arround 2 month.Currently working in PHP.
Now ,i am able to create site in CMS like joomla and wordpress with depth customisation knowldge.
I have been continuing my PHP training with Mr. Pawan Kumar. Now me comfortable doing projects independently.
Mr. Pawan Kumar has complete my deadline project in PHP in just 2 days. I also took training from him of PHP and Drupal.
I have completed my Wordpress, Joomla, CSS, Jquery from Mr. Pawan Kumar .We have did it so practically that needs in current market.


Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi

industrial training in delhi

While the exponential growth of internet has brought along many good things like e-commerce, e-mails, social networking, online stores and vast information networks to name a few, it has also given rise some bad virtues like criminal hacking. It has affected individuals, corporate, government agencies worldwide to the extent that they are afraid that some hacker may break into their network and steal important information like emails, personal information, financial data, company logos etc.

We offer Ethical Training in Delhi that can help in circumstances like these and secure you completely.  As the word suggests “ethical” is considered to a good hack. The organizations today are realizing fast that to counter the threat of criminal hacking they should have independent computer network security professionals who can save their network.

we are best Ethical Hacking institute in Delhi also offering online Ethical Hacking training. Being a Ethical Hacking institute in Delhi we have built more ss 1000s of Ethical Hacking professional accross nationwide .Join us for Delhi Ethical Hacking training, Ethical Hacking training in Delhi NCR .

It is almost similar to having financial auditors coming from outside and ascertaining the gaps in the financial system of an organization. We teach certified ways to hack that train individuals to save important information. With us, you learn to assess the vulnerable areas and provide remedies to the problems.     

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All our courses are developed for participants willing to explore commercial opportunities in the IT industry. To know more about how your particular needs can be addressed through this course, please contcat us today
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