Building shopping cart (e-commerce) in Drupal using ubercart module


Drupal ”  we all familiar with that . It is a powerful Content management System .In drupal we can create from small blog to large enterprise application, software .Drupal considered as a higly secured CMS compared to any other .

So think about if you ahve to develop highly secure e-commerce system in drupal, Definatly you considered Drupal. In drupal there are lots of Shopping cart modules available for example ubercart, commerce  etc.




If you are quite familiar with drupal system of content types, views, block, taxonomy etc. Below are some major section that ubercart affected,created


Content Type

Drupal content type

ubercart store it’s all product in newly self created content type “product”. You can check all fields by default given by ubercart under Structure->Content types-> Products->manage Fields

If you required to add field ,there can simply add a new field . like colors taxonomy, but before you have to create a new taxonomy “color” in order to use on that.



drupal catalog vocabulary

Vocabulary are categorization in site. For products category there will be a vocabulary required .The vocabulary will be registered from ubercart installation  i.e “catalog” . So you have to to add some terms in that vocabulary to start using ubercart.



Drupal views

All the main sections of ubercart for site users are comes under views. There lots of views for users as well as admin.

Some major views are uc_catalog , uc_order etc.  uc_catalog is for products listing page that are listed when category terms clicked.

TO manage this listing , you can edit the views as per your convenience.


Now it’s time to customize your drupal shop. First access a menu item on admin menu “Shop”. It is for show settings page. There you can customize settings related with cart, checkout, country, price options, payment method etc. Customozue these settings as per your requirements.

Now there you find a some blocks , for category terms listing, you find a block “catalog” under blocg page. Enable that mainly on left sidebar. you can also enable “cart” information block .

Now Put some products and check it from front end of Drupal. Click on some vocabulary terms ,add any product to cart, selected payment method and that’s ok. So now you will be started selling products , Good Luck.

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