Drupal Using Search API Ranges Module

The Search API ranges module means that you can quickly make a seek API page with a variety aspect. For instance, you could potentially make a seek page where by users can certainly filter items depending on cost, by simply choosing the cost range coming from a aspect.search_api_range_module1If you are out of Delhi,India and looking for
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The Commerce Kickstart supply employs this specific module pertaining to cost selection on their solution seek page.


In this specific course we will set up a selection aspect (slider) for your “Comment count” residence with content material. This may enable users to filter content material simply by the amount of responses.
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Getting Started

For this specific course I’m going to suppose you’ve got a fundamental seek page currently set up employing Search API. For those who have certainly not applied Look for API previous to you should examine “Intro To locate API (Part 1) – How you can Build Look for Pages” in addition to “Intro To locate API (Part 2) – Faceted Search” before beginning.

First, download in addition to put in Search API ranges.
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If you make use of Drush, run this control:

$ drush dl search_api_ranges buck drush durante search_api_ranges

Setup Facet

In this specific segment, we will use the “Ranges: Min/Max USER INTERFACE Slider” aspect around the “Comment count” residence. This enables users to filter simply by how much responses with an item of content material.

First, we will ought to include the actual “Comment count” residence to your listing. When this specific residence seriously isn’t listed, then a aspect will not show up.

1. Head over to Setting -> “Search API” in addition to click the listing change url, and then areas.

search api range module2
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In this specific instance I am with all the normal “Default node index” listing that will Look for API creates when you put in the actual module.

2. Scroll along around the areas page in addition to check the actual “Comment count” residence checkbox, and then click “Save changes”.

search api range module3

3. Click on the Sides bill inside best proper nook in addition to check the actual “Comment count” checkbox in addition to click “Save changes”.

search api range module4

4. Click on the Reputation bill inside best proper nook in addition to be sure your content material may be listed.

search api range module5
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All we’ve got carried out is usually include the actual “Comment count” residence to your listing in addition to made it possible for the actual equivalent aspect to the residence.

5. Finally, head to Composition -> Hindrances in addition to allocate “Facet API: Look for service: Default node listing: Opinion count” with a place.

search api range module6

Configure Facet

At this time you need to have some sort of seek page along with content material as well as the aspect really should come in a part. Automagically our aspect is usually with all the Hyperlinks exhibit widget, on the other hand we need to transform the actual exhibit widget to “Ranges: Min/Max USER INTERFACE Slider”.

1. Hover on the aspect in addition to click the cogwheel and then click “Configure aspect display”.

search api range module7

The cogwheel will only show up when you have the actual central Contextual inbound links module set up. When you set up Drupal with all the normal set up report, and then this specific module will probably be set up.

2. Select “Ranges: Min/Max USER INTERFACE Slider” through the “Display widget” drop-down in addition to click “Save in addition to return to seek page”.


Once you will be back again around the seek page the actual “Comment count” aspect really should exhibit some sort of slider.


Search API ranges even offers a pair of other aspect widgets: “Ranges: Word links” in addition to “Ranges: Drop along list”. If you would like use almost any people widgets as a substitute, purely change the actual aspect and choose one.

Here is usually what exactly the actual “Ranges: Word links” aspect seems like:

search api range module8

And this is what the actual “Ranges: Drop along list” aspect seems like:

search api range module9