How to Display Maps using GMap, Views and Location in Drupal 7

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In element one particular ( How for you to Retail store Address in Drupal 7 Employing Place Module ), we set up Location for you to store as well as geocode addresses.We utilized “Location CCK” that will boats having Place, for you to establish any custom made tackle field on the Articles type. This field permits us to key in any postal tackle and Place shops the actual tackle as well as geocodes that. Currently we should instead present the actual tackle in a actual place.Call us for Drupal course in Delhi.

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In this kind of article, we will use a couple adventures to produce your place: Views to construct any block as well as GMap with the actual place.

The place that will we will develop will likely be reasonably fundamental. The particular block will only end up being seen on the write-up site if a tackle is inserted in.

Below is definitely an photograph in the concluded product:


If thinking of some other mapping adventures, next have a look at IP Geolocation Sights & Maps. Once you learn connected with another adventures that will integrate very well having Place, depart any thoughts underneath.

Getting Started

I’ll think that you’ve got understand part one , and the majority importantly people saved as well as fitted all required adventures.

Create Block View

Let’s hop suitable in as well as create a block view for our place.

1. Head over to Framework, Sights as well as select “Add completely new view”.

2. Fill the actual “Add completely new view” style using the prices outlined in Kitchen table 1. 0.
Table 1-0. Create a completely new view

Option Value
View name Article map
Machine name article_map
Show Content (default)
Of Type All (default)
Create any page Unchecked
Create any block Checked
Display format GMap


3. Simply click Options alongside GMap inside the Structure spot for you to configure the actual place.


4. Make certain that the actual “Data Source” is scheduled for you to “Location. module”. In addition, you are able to alter exactly what the actual marker appears to be by selecting another one on the “Marker and fallback marker for you to use” drop-down number.


Once everything has been set up select Implement.
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Add Contextual Filter

The following critical portion towards the bigger picture is really a contextual filtration system. We can squeeze in a filtration system so your view just features the actual tackle in the write-up that may be being looked at.

1. Go through the State-of-the-art web page link on the suitable, and click the Create button alongside “Contextual filters”.


2. Look for “nid”, decide on “Content: Nid” as well as select Implement.


3. We must configure the actual contextual filtration system to utilize necessary . IDENTIFICATION inside the url.

This can certainly be achieved by selecting the actual “Provide default value” radio stations button and decide on “Content IDENTIFICATION from URL” on the Type drop-down number.
At this point, we have now a functional view. Currently all we should instead accomplish is add the actual view with a area as well as test that to be sure that performs.

Save the actual view and check out Framework, Hindrances as well as determine the actual “View: Write-up map” block with a area.

Now go to a page that’s a tackle. You ought to view a place inside the specific area.


How for you to Configure the actual Map

As you will observe, the actual place performs, however I’d for you to zoom entirely available to see the actual marker. We will right now configure the actual place so that it centers on the marker as well as units a proper zoom level.

1. Get back on the actual modify site with the view as well as select Options alongside GMap.

2. It is possible to configure the actual map’s breadth, height as well as zoom-level by determining any macro.

For this kind of article, copy as well as substance the actual macro underneath in the macro text-area.

[gmap zoom=10 |width=100% |height=200px]


If you will need assistance with determining macros next go through the “GMap Macro Builder” sub-module.

3. Scroll additionally along on the settings site as well as verify the actual “Center with node argument” checkbox. This will make sure that the actual place centers on the marker.

Save the actual settings choices and the view. Currently when you go back to this great article site you must view a additional usable place, structured as well as zoomed in for the suitable level.


How to show Many Marker pens on the Map

Adding multiple Marker pens with a place is pretty uncomplicated. Merely configure Place to lead you to store several tackle.

In part one , we utilized the actual “Location CCK” element, thus all you want to do is alter the actual field’s “Number connected with values” for you to infinite.


This will likely then assist you to add multiple addresses.

I likewise advice that people alter the actual zoom importance inside the macro to help you to view both guns.

Here will be the up-to-date macro program code:

[gmap zoom=8 |width=100% |height=200px]

Here’s exactly what the actual place appears to be having multiple guns:

That’s that for our a couple element series with Place as well as GMap. Since you have experienced, both adventures function wonderfully together. Along with relatively very little function: you are able to store addresses as well as develop pretty reasonable road directions in reasonably little time.
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