Increase PHP max execution time in local server (XAMPP)

Sometime we see error like ‘Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded …’

This has some reasons like

– PHP taking too much time to respond to the browser

– Your desktop/laptop is slow mainly due to less RAM configured or too much software installed.

Without changing anything in this  file or system configuration,we can fix this ,just follow below simple steps:

  • Open  a file ‘ php.ini ‘ inside notepad ,File located under ‘xampp/php/’ folder
  • find a line ‘max_execution_time’ . you can find using ctrl+F
  • replace default value of max_execution_time=30 to  max_execution_time=120
  • save this file and stop apache server in xamp control panel
  • Now re-start apache server in xampp control panel.
  • In this way we have increased default php execution time in our localserver(XAMPP)

Find Below php.ini file screenshot :