Magento 2 Create Product Attributes

Attributes are most important part of your catalog, suppose you want to sell t-shirts from your eCommerce website
but at same time you also want them to allow choose it’s color, size etc. These are called attributes here .

Below in this tutorials i will guide all steps related to create and assign attribute to your product .
magento has some inbuilt attribute like Name, Price, and Description.

Create new attribute

Login to your magento admin dashboard
– Navigate to Stores>Attributes>Product



– There you will find all available attribute .Click button ‘Add new Attribute’
on this page


Here you can configure your attribute


– We will be using ‘Color’ for example of this tutorials
so, choose select option on ‘Catalog input type’
put there option name like Red, Green , Blue, Orange etc

Some section explained below

    • Attribute Code – Attribute name used by system
    • Scope – this will allow you to declare options value
    • Website Consider attribute’s value can be different in some different website . Current stay on same .
      • Store View – the value of this attribute for a product can be different in all Websites and all Store Views
      • Website – the value of this attribute for a product can be different in different Websites but have to stay the same between Store Views contained under the same Website
      • Global – the value of this attribute for a product must be the same for all websites and stores



Unique Value – Mostly leave this to No. You only need to set ‘Yes’ when you want to store unique selection value.

Input Validation for Store Owner – Recommended Yes ,it allow validation before applying changes to the attributes.

Add to Column Options – To add this attribute to the list of column options please select Yes

Use in Filter Options – If you set this to Yes the attribute will be added to the list of filter options

Navigate to Storefront Properties tab for configuring the frontend behavior of the attribute.


Finally click Save Attribute button .