Managing an Existing drupal Vocabulary

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you can extend vocabulary system check the link for drupal vocabulary on

Edit Vocabulary – This is setting page for the vocabulary that have previously created


List Terms – display all term associated with the vocabulary

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Add Terms – allow adding new term to previously created vocabulary.


we have to do the steps because there by default no terms for a newly created vocabulary.
After adding lots of terms ,it looks like below
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It’s simple to edit each one of the conditions you might have additional by simply clicking the particular corresponding switch. Drupal allows you to adjust the particular conditions purchase. That can be done therefore by simply having lower the particular eventually left mouse switch around the mix symbol on the eventually left as well as hauling the definition of for the preferred position inside number. Note that when designing or maybe enhancing the term you might have contact it is possible to collection for it.If you are out of Delhi,India and looking for
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These settings will provide you with several different choices.

2. It is possible for you to determine a currently active phrase because parent or guardian phrase for that completely new 1. Remember that if you keep decrease Ctrl it will be easy to set many phrase because parent or guardian for that completely new 1. Note that setting multiple parents for just a single item will certainly disable the lug and drop checklist functionality. It will be re-enabled if you reduce the parents for each term to a single.


2. It is possible to arranged your weight for every single expression. The same as having vocabularies that is similar to your purchase when the phrases are going to be listed in the words.
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click the save button after making any required changes