Building e-commerce with WordPress woocommerce plugin

E-Commerce has grown up it’s market. Most of the people required to run there shop online through online e-commerce system. From last 3 years there has been lots of CMS have been growing as a shopping cart specialist CMS.Some of them are OS commerse, Zen-Cart, Open Cart, Magento. Currently magento considered as best e-commerse building CMS.

But consider if you planning to run your portal as well as shop (e-commerce), you have to choose any CMS. Well, Most of us know about wordpress . Well WordPress had launched as a blog but now using as a power full CMS globally. It’s a fact that currently no. of online sites in WordPress are higher than any other CMS.

Now talking about e-commerce in WordPress, previously there could not found any serious plugin in wordpress for building great e-commerce .But now There introduced WooCommerce plugin as a bundle of e-commerce plugin for wordpress





Default Customizing Shop

Now After configuring some settings in “Woo Commerce” menu tab, it time to explore woo commerce to show on fron end site.

  • Add some product category from Products->Categories.
  • After add some products from products->Add Product.
  • Access pages in site from “Pages”. there you find some woocommerce related pages like cart, checkout,order received, my account ,change password, shop etc.
  • go to widgets are from Appearance->widgets and enable  widget “WooCommerce Product Categories” to mainly left sidebar of your theme.
  • Now open site front page and click on product category ,there will be product listing.
  • This is default products listing generated from woocommerce default template system.

WooCommerce Template customization

Wocoomerce loop

Well woocommerce Template customization task required to match with our WordPress template. To do so.Woocommerce all

files located under wordpress plugins directory wp-content/plugins/woocommerce

Some information to customization woocommerce template

  • woocommerce main file for template is woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php . here all it;s related included files are called inside.
  • There mainly 2 types of pages are required .1 products loop . 2product single page
  • Products loop files are located “loop” folder .
  • Whereas product single page files are located under “single-product” folder.
  • Files are self explanatory with it;s name.So, you can edit all required files.
  • On of single product age controling file is “single-product.php” located under  woocommerce->templates
  • All files are calling using hook method that defined under woocommerce-hooks.php root forlder of woocommerce.
  • woocommerce functions files is woocommerce-functions.php .it;s also located under root directory of woocommerce.
  • So edit it as per requirement and see changes on site

woocoomerce single product page

Some information

you can use global $products in your wordpress theme folder to extract product information.

From now you can start selling your products , best of luck.


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