New Drupal 8 is about to launch

Drupal 8

Well, Drupal 8 is about to launch, it is coming soon within march 2014. Drupal 8 will be the biggest release compared to all previous releases. This will be more flexible, customizable n and adaptable . Here contains all most for everyone from personal blog to enterprise application.

Drupal 8 will be using Symfony framework as it’s base extension ,and the main system like entity, content tpe, user ,comments , roles and permission remains quite same. Drupal 8 will be mobile compatibility , using HTML5 ,extending system through API.  But at same time developer have to spend hours and hours to learn this Drupal 8 becasue it has huge changed . In this article we will be discussing regarding new features/advantage in Drupal 8 .

drupal 8 launched


Field power

Drupal 8 will have more fields in it’s core like email, telephone, entity reference ,date etc. comment is now a field, so you can use comments in products also. there you can attach more fields in custom made contacts form.

Customize pages with Views

Views included in Drupal 8 core. now no need to download from other resourses. Views now more powered. Drupal default front page declared from views.  Now views can easily create admin pages, block, listing pages etc. Customize filet,action etc.

Highly improved content editing

CKEDITOR WYSWIG editor included in core.  Now editing content in drupal becomes more easier ,some features are quick edit, draft saving mode. Server security keep in mind with WYSSIG configuration.

New configuration system

Drupal 8 comes with new file system configuration management system. It means it allow you to export  all major drupal sections like content type, blocks, views and other setting .So that you can use it to other site .It also comes with version control.


Customize display and form modes

It is now easier to manage forms in drupal becasue of Drupal dynamic display and form mode. For example easily customize user registration page and editing form.




Now Drupal 8 uses HTML5 and CSS3 in it’s all default themes. So it easily shrink on mobile, tablets. Drupal admin panel is much better appears in mobile devices.


Better markup using HTML 5

As already discuessed Drupal all themes , markup based in HTML 5. So it is responsive on all devices. It comes with some features like responsive image display ,native input toll for email, date ,phone etc.


More accessible

Incorporated WAI- ARIA so that can provide better support for accessibility .


Parli Italiano?

If consider Multingual , Drupal is more powerful from the installation part by default, Now each and evry section are easily translatable by  it’s core features.Get translation update autometically from drupal community . Views , Block also usage language tools to display .


Web services built in

Drupal8 now usage state-of-the-art HAL (Hypertext Application language). So Now we can build mobile application from Drupal. Export drupal as XML or JSON. Now can expose views result as web services and authenticate the client using http.


Other great improvements in Drupal 8

Migrate from earlier versions of Drupal

It is now easy to import content from previous version of drupal 6 or 7 .


Modules removed to make core leaner

Previous all individual task modules such as blog, polls, dashboard are removed from core consedering majority cases. PHP module also removed to become more secure drupal .


Highly improved APIs for developers and themers

Drupal 8 is using  modern PHP techniques  . Drupal backend features are easily extend using large external PHP community.

More flexibility

Modern OOP approach

Now all major  section using modern Object Oriented Programming Structure (OOPS). So Developers have lots of fexiblity to extend as per requirements.


Simpler and more unified Entity and Field API

Now there only one API for menu page apart from previous entity API and Feild API.


Unified configuration system

unified configuration system to use better and fast multilingual site apart from string data on-off table or variable table.


Latest frontend libraries

Now included lirarry is  jQuery 2.0.3 and jQuery UI 1.10.2. in Drupal frontend


Accessible interfaces made easier

keyboard accessible options provided and included text-to-speech messaging API for developer .

Stepping off of our island

Symfony 2 and Other Components

Drupal 8 and symfony2

Considering not to reinventing the wheel, drupal has build with Symfony 2 that has huge php community. now it is more easier to include any 3rd party php application with namespacing and PSR-0. Components like Guzzle, Assetic, and many more shiped.

Twig makes theming easier

previously in drupal 6 and 7 ,there was phptemplate engine. But now comes with a new template engine i.e Twig.So it is more flexible, fast and secure . It is easily customizable in theming .


PHPUnit tests

For focused and faster test there included PHP Unit test.